Mobility Hub Africa

    MOBILITY HUB AFRICA is a project by Art Moves Africa (AMA), the Mobility Fund of artists and cultural operators within Africa.

 MOBILITY HUB AFRICA is a Virtual Mobility Platform offering information on the Arts and Culture in Africa such as venues (spaces, residencies, training centers…etc.), events (Festivals, Fairs, Biennales, Professional Meetings...etc.), cultural practitioners and their projects, platforms, references, key documents and data related to travel and Mobility within Africa.

 MOBILITY HUB AFRICA is developed and updated through the information offered by AMA applicants and grantees.  It’s, however, open to everyone, willing to share information and to build cultural bridges within the continent, to register and update information.

 AMA is building this virtual mobility platform on the same lines as the YATF Mobility Hub for the Arab World.  AMA would like also to honor the work done by YATF in creating a template for this platform and hopes that there may be similar Hubs eventually built in other continents.


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