René Tavares / artist / São Tomé, São Tomé and Príncipe

    René Tavares translates in dashes, lines and blots, a personal synthesis of his own identity, always in process (“unfinished”). Setting himself in constant movement between past and present references. Interested in deepening the permeability of frontiers among stories, languages and techniques and in sharing that exploratory path. He is an artist that reflects throughout his work his own experience of con-temporary dislocation among the several post-colonial contact zones.
Lately the political component, that has always been present in René’s work, has become stronger. Through this “critical representation” the artist draws the attention to everyday reality, especially African and particularlyod his country, and in a certain way intervenes actively in the development of the sociopolitical mentality.
Graduated in the National School of Fine Arts of Dakar, Senegal, he participated at the same time in several workshops in Teia D’Arte art gallery, in São Tomé. In 2004 joined the painting, drawing and installation course oriented by the artist Maria Magdalena Campos during the Biennial of Dak’ar. He has held exhibitions in São Tomé, Lisbon, Brussels, Amsterdam and Luanda, amongst other cities. More recently, he participated in the collective exhibition “Africa now”, in Washington, arranged by the World Bank. In 2008 he participated in the V International Biennial of Art and Culture of São Tomé and Príncipe. In 2008/2009 he won a scholarship to develop his fine arts research in the École de Beaux Arts de Rennes, France and simultaneously joined the photography course of the ARC/Rennes project. In 2011 he participated in the VI International Biennial of Art and Culture of São Tomé and Príncipe.
Currently he attends the Master of Art Science and Heritage in the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon.
He lives and works between Lisbon and São Tomé.

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Facts & contacts
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