KUGOMA / Cinema / Maputo, Mozambique

    The KUGOMA - Short Films Forum is a platform to promote, train and create new audiences through film diversity screenings.

Facts & contacts
Facts & contacts
General information
Name of the event KUGOMA
Field Cinema
Type Festival
City Maputo
Country Mozambique
Phone number(s) + 258 828659000
Email(s) cinekugoma@gmail.com
Website kugomashorts.wordpress.com
Facebook page www.facebook.com/KugomaForumDeCinemaDeCurtaMetragem
Profile URL http://mobilityhubafrica.org/Diana Manhiça KUGOMA
Practical & technical information
Practical & technical information
How to reach the event

It takes place mainly in Maputo, in diferent venues. Detailed Programme is available through local media, facebook page and blog, as well as flyers and posters 2 weeks prior to main event, that will take place in July. Other cities will be covered by screenings to be announced.

Places recommanded for accomodations

See partners.

Recommended restaurants, bars, places to visit..etc

See partners.

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Reviews and documents
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