Centre Rézodanse - Egypte / Centre de danse / Alexandria, Egypt

    Since 2008, Centre Rézodanse is commited to develop the practice and the awareness of dance in Alexandria, in order to defend and promote dance as a valuable and respectable art form. We believe that dance has a role to play in education and that its development in Egypt contributes to the cultural diversity of the Egyptian society and to building a lively and vibrant art scene.

Rézodanse combines a space for training, providing high quality teaching in dance and fitness for children and adults, as well as a place where several artistic and cultural projects are developed and implemented, such as exhibitions, cultural events, and the contemporary dance festival Nassim el Raqs. For 5 years, Nassim el Raqs has invited Egyptian and international artists to take over various symbolical locations throughout the city and transform them into unusual venues for performance. Although mainly based on contemporary dancers and choreographers, the project also involves other art forms. All our events either take place at our centre, in schools or in other venues and they are often organized in partnership with other local or international cultural organizations. Responding to the needs of local artists in performing arts, we also provide a place to rehearse and/or to exhibit their works.

Our activities have been designed over three main components: training, creation/performance and awareness building. Indeed, in order to promote our art, it is necessary to improve and develop training, to build a wider audience, particularly among the young generation, and to increase the visibility of dance by giving the opportunity to local and international artists to create and to present their work. The specific objectives of the activities which we implement may often overlap between these three components.

Missions and objectives:
-Promoting dance as a serious and respectable activity, by confronting prejudice about dance and encouraging its practice in a professional framework, with a focus on ballet and contemporary dance
-Supporting the development of the dance scene in Egypt, through various activities and projects
-Supporting local artists by providing a workspace to learn, rehearse, practice and/or develop cultural projects in the field of the performing arts, and connecting them with our institutional and cultural network in order to promote their activities locally and internationally
-Developing the awareness of the audience, in particular the children, towards dance and the performing arts

Facts & contacts
Facts & contacts
General information
Name of the venue Centre Rézodanse - Egypte
Type Centre de danse
Activity Formations, Résidences, Spectacles, Festival Dialogues de corps
Mailing address egypte@rezodanse.com
City Alexandria
Country Egypt
Phone number(s) +20 (0)3 48 35 355
Email(s) egypte@rezodanse.com
Website http://rezodanseegypte.com/
Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Rezodanse
Profile URL http://mobilityhubafrica.org/Lucien Arino
Practical & technical information
Practical & technical information
How to reach the venue

15 Sézostris Street, Mahatat Raml, downtown Alexandria
In front of Bank el Caira, near to the passport office

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Reviews and documents
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